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Nothing like having singing and dancing sneakers!


The Nike Air Mag – Shoes From The Future

As a kid I always wanted to be Marty McFly. He could play guitar. He drove a Delorean. He had some mean skateboard skills. He was clumsy and his pride got the best of him. But at 88 miles an hour he could travel through time.

And he got the coolest shoes never made.

In Back to the Future II, Doc and Marty go to 2015. In the process, Marty found the greatest shoes ever made. And in 1989, they were the hottest shoe that no one could have. Two years ago, Nike created 350 McFly Hyperdunks to satisfy the demand for the futuristic high tops. On Ebay, you will be lucky if you get them for a couple thousand USD. They are pretty sweet but not quite the perfect copy.

Now Nike has put out the MAG: the recreation of the coolest shoe ever. Although they lack the power laces, these might just be the coolest shoes of all time. The outer sole has rechargeable LED panels so you can always stay lit up. The Nike logo on the front strap stays lit up too. All proceeds from the eBay auctions will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help eliminate Parkinson’s Disease. Google founder Sergey Brin will match all donations as well.

Buy them here if you want to have the ultimate talking point on the planet. Go ahead. Blow your savings. Or tell your significant other to prove their love to you.
Shoe 1Shoe 4
Shoe 2

New Diet Coke Can

Here’s the official image of the new Diet Coke can which are being pushed out slowly this Fall. The enlarged monogram design was done by Turner Duckworth who has previously handled the design of other Coke products in their line-up. An extra thing about this is that it seems like the Diet Coke 12-can box design is done in such a way that you can stack 3 boxes on top of each other to create a full Diet Coke logo (each box needs to be rotated). Cool!

A Real Human Heart Beating Inside A Clear Box

This is a human heart, alive and beating, in a boxA company called TransMedics is hoping to revolutionize heart transplants with a clear box which can support an actual beating heart without the need to keep the heart in a cold freezer box.

One benefit to this is that the heart can be kept for more than 6 hours as it awaits the best possible transplant recipient. Typically a heart in ice will only be good for up to 6 hours and this new beating heart techo-box will certainly extend that (as long as there is a bag of donated blood around).

Check out the crazy video below.