How Are Smartphones Being Used?

Did you know that just recently smartphone penetration hit 40 percent? Have you ever wondered though how those smartphone users are using their mobile phones? To help you get a better understanding of how smartphones are being used, the team at Tatango compiled data from the Pew Research Centers Internet & American Life Project and created the infographic above. I think they should have also included the percentage for “making and receiving phone calls” – then again, that’s probably assumed to be around 99%.


A Real Human Heart Beating Inside A Clear Box

This is a human heart, alive and beating, in a boxA company called TransMedics is hoping to revolutionize heart transplants with a clear box which can support an actual beating heart without the need to keep the heart in a cold freezer box.

One benefit to this is that the heart can be kept for more than 6 hours as it awaits the best possible transplant recipient. Typically a heart in ice will only be good for up to 6 hours and this new beating heart techo-box will certainly extend that (as long as there is a bag of donated blood around).

Check out the crazy video below.

Should Unemployed People Buy A New MacBook?

HAHAHAHA, the funniest thing in this Onion news report on why unemployed people need to buy a new Apple MacBook is the fact that nobody respects the person with the most logical view — the woman. Again, at its core, this speaks truth about how these talking-heads programs play out on actual TV. Kinda sad, I do feel bad for her, but definitely funny coming from The Onion.

A Day Made Of Glass by Corning

My friend from work showed me this video about a while back and totally forgot to post it. Corning is hoping to be at the forefront of glass display design with this demo video of what they envision the future to be like with just about everything around you made of multi-gesture glass surfaces. This is a bit too much technology for my liking, but can definitely see the world turning into something like this in the near future. If there are any investment moguls out there, I definitely recommend that you keep an eye out for this.

Can You Beat A Computer at Rock, Paper Scissors?

If you are truly bored at the computer, you can head on over to The New York Times website and play a game of rock, paper, scissors with a computer. If you play at the Veteran level, the computer takes into account about 200,000 previously played rock, paper, scissors games and uses that information to actually predict what you’ll likely throw out each round. Think you can beat a computer at a game of statistics? Try it out now.