Vulfpeck – Beastly

Here’s something to start your Thursday morning with. This is one dope jam, the bass player is killing it!


Borisevich Pavel Compilation

It always amazes me how high some people can jump on their bikes. Take for example this video of Borisevich Pavel jumping all over the place on his bike. I always think about it compared to how high I can jump on my own two feet and well, let’s just say I can’t ever make it that high.

Michael Jordan – The Untouchable

This is basically a Michael Jordan highlight reel and its every good as you think it will be.  You might not like the guy but you have got to respect this mans game.  Jordan probably has the best mid range jumper in the league and was money when it came down to taking that last shot.  Truly, the greatest player of the game and it was a joy to watch him play.