The Man Who Quit Money To Live In A Cave

Mark Sundeen, author of The Man Who Quit Money, speaks about the subject of his book, a man by the name of Daniel Suelo who gave up all forms of money and has lived in various caves around Utah for the last 12 years. Daniel survives off of the land he lives on and from things freely given to him by friends and strangers. Pretty amazing.


A Change of Pace

As you could see, there have been some changes to the website. It’s still in the works, but hopefully everything will be up to par by next week. My schedule has been extra tight juggling my time between work, mid terms, traveling and other priorities, but things are beginning to slowly free up. Anyway, how perfect would life be if we could just pause it for a bit…

See ya Maria!

Today my friend Maria leaves her temporary outpost here in Montreal and travels back home to Australia. I was fortunate enough to work with her through out the year, but I’m still very sad that she’s not going to be around to have lunch with and to tell my stories to.

I guess nowadays the internet makes distance seem shorter, but honestly, nothing’s going to be better than the real thing. So until I make it to Australia, here’s wishing you all the best back home!

Haiti Earthquake

One of the worst earthquake’s in 200 years struck Haiti yesterday afternoon at a 7.0 magnitude which was then later followed by twelve aftershocks greater than a 5.0 magnitude. The current death count is upwards of 100,000 with approximately 3, 000, 000 people effected without adequate food, clean water or shelter. As expected, The Big Picture is one of the first websites to post a collection of photos which you can visit HERE (this link is not for the faint of heart). If you’d like to contribute in anyway, Salvation Army has activated its Text to Donate program in support of this disaster. Canadians can make $5 donation by texting the word “HAITI” to 45678 and will receive a message asking them to confirm their donation with a “YES” reply. This honestly makes me realized how blessed we are to be living in such a prosperous country… There’s no floods, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, violence (well nothing we have to really about) , etc. Its funny, a lot of us want to leave the country while on the other hand, plenty want to enter.

The Imperfection Curve

How have you seen this play out in your businesses or organizations?
In this economic turmoil, are feeling the crunch…

imperfectionscurveWhat creative things are you doing to keep both “values” at “amazing” while living with the reality of less in this season??