Summer Is Just Around The Corner


BMW – Wherever You Want To Go

For the entire month of February, BMW will be releasing one short film each week that talks about the future of mobility and technology. The short documentaries include interviews with famous entrepreneurs, inventors, astronauts, visionaries, and designers who each have a hand in shaping our future.

The first of these upcoming 4 films has just been released under the title “The New City” and you can watch it over at the BMW Activate The Future website (the video embedded above is just a trailer).

Ralph Lauren’s Garage

Photo: Todd Eberle for Vanity Fair

Ralph Lauren’s cars are housed in a stark-white room with dedicated white platforms for each vehicle. His collection of vehicles includes rare jewels as well as extremely expensive commodities reserved only for the super-rich (which he obviously belongs to). It’s hard to tell if this car collection is open to the public, but if it’s not, you can definitely get a glimpse of the wonder over at Vanity Fair.


BMW Uses After Image To Get In Your Head

Adland posts this really neat ad concept from BMW that I’ve never seen done before. They use an after image burn in effect on the viewer and basically forces the letters of BMW to appear and fade away inside the viewer’s mind. The effect is similar to looking at a very bright light and then closing your eyes until you can see a halo of the outline of what you just looked at.