Aerial Video Of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe

This is really interesting – but at the same time rather difficult for me to believe that there are still people in this world who live like this. Ultimately it is understandable, but for them to not have any sort of contact with others is quite shocking. This aerial footage is of a tribe that is located on the Brazilian-Peruvian border deep within the rainforests of the Envira region. The video below is narrated by Gillian Anderson (yep, X-Files) as a small plane flies high above to prove once and for all that these people do exist in the middle of South America.

[vimeo 19712297 w=640]

It is believed that this tribe, and about 100 others like it around the world, have no idea that the rest of the world exists beyond their territory. Check out this website if this catches your attention.



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