The Crab Festival

Wanna drive an hour and a half away from Montreal to eat seafood? I think you do. Yesterday, I traveled to Ottawa with some friends for the delicious Red Lobster. Since there are no more left in Quebec, we thought we’d have a little road trip. The restaurant does not take reservations so we had to leave early. We were about 15 people. The wait time for us was around an hour and forty five minutes. As we waited outside, we searched through the menu. There was so much to chose from. Of course, there was The Ultimate Feast, lobster tail, fried shrimps and Canadian snow crab; The Crab Trio, crab stuffed shrimp in a garlic lobster sauce and one pound of two different types of crab legs; and finally the “Make Your Own Meal” dish.

I created a plate that consisted of coconut shrimp, garlic shrimp, fries and a caesar salad. An intriguing sauce called “Piña Colada sauce” also came with my dish. Yeah, not so delicious… I wish I could write about how satisfied I was but I just can’t. The coconut shrimp was too sweet, the garlic shrimp didn’t taste like much and I really didn’t get that many fries. Although one thing I would definitely go back for? Their garlic bread was insanely good. All in all, we had a good night filled with singing N*Sync and Disney songs on our way back. Did I mention this was initiated by the guys?


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