The iPhone 4 Review

I’ve been a bit late on this post, mainly because I wasn’t too sure if I was going to end up keeping it – but I picked up a 32GB iPhone 4 last week, and at this point, I’m completely sold on it. I’ve been in the cell phone market for about a month or two now comparing my options between BlackBerry’s, Nokia’s and of course the iPhone.

 One thing that I really love about the iPhone 4 is the convenience of having a phone, a camera and an iPod all in one pocket. Those who know me well know that I hate carrying things in my pockets and this device simply eliminates that issue. I love taking pictures with my iPhone 4. It has better low light performance and a good flash, for what it’s worth; there is something different about being able to pull out your phone to take some pretty decent pictures. Not to mention the entire brigade of image editing apps that is available on iTunes or the App Store. Let’s not forget it also shoots in full 720p! Below are some pictures I took with the phone.
here’s a screen shot of the phone

The extreme sharpness of the screen brings it all together, it enhances the overall use of the phone – whether it be web surfing, videos, pictures, games, etc.  The quality is so good that it makes the image you’re viewing very realistic. I think the screen and camera alone bring a lot of added value to the table…

The reasoning to why I was a bit skeptical about picking this up is mainly due to the antenna issues, but luckily none of my calls have dropped, in fact, a few of my friends who have picked this up have had no problems either. A positive thing about this antenna issue is that Apple offers a case program where you have the option of picking out 5-6 different cases (valued between $20-35) at no charge.

Click the image above to get a free case if you have not done so already.

I have been extremely satisfied with the iPhone 4 and would definitely recommend it to others. Oh yea, and if you have it, hit me up on FaceTime and go purchase Angry Birds, hands down, best game I’ve played on any phone! Anyway, I’ll add more content later.


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