Christopher Nolan’s Inception is such an intelligent film and probably one of the most mind-bending movies I’ve seen in a while. The film runs 148 minutes and there’s not one minute where I think the movie goes bland – it’s intense from beginning to end.  Since the movie is so multi-layered, it may potentially be confusing for those who don’t pay close attention to the dialogue. But regardless, the plot is so well developed that it has you guessing on what’s going to happen more than you’d think. With an  incredible cast, director Christopher Nolan has created a film that is incredibly thought provoking and visually stimulating.

The first thought that came to mind immediately after seeing this was; “imagine if this were real – the possibilities to life would be limitless.” You’ll know what I mean after you see it. Overall I would give this movie 4.5/5 stars. I highly recommend this movie  for everyone and would definitely go watch it again.


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