Armored – Movie Review

I got a chance to see the advanced screening for Armored tonight. The movie is about your typical seemingly perfect heists that go terribly wrong, in this case, just like the movie. I’m not going to waste much time on writing about this because it was just that bad. The movie did have good actors, but a very poor and predictable story line. If you were planning on watching this sometime during this weekend, save your money and 84 minutes of your life. The movie trailer makes this movie look much better than what it is, in fact, when I initially watched the trailer, I was pretty impressed and was even looking forward to seeing this. I must give a shout out to Maria T for the hooking me up with the tickets and saving me $10!
I give this movie  2/5 stars.

Don’t be fooled by this!


One thought on “Armored – Movie Review

  1. Armored also relies heavily on genre convention, deriving from movies like Die Hard and Panic Room. Despite its flaws, this heist movie entertains with some cool explosions and exciting action sequences.

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