With Halloween just around the corner, it’s that time of year which Hollywood releases its scariest movies and it definitely wouldn’t be the same without a Saw film. Saw 6 is the latest installation of a series that has been on a decline since the first couple of films.

 The first couple of minutes of the saw movies tend to usually be the goriest parts of the entire film, and right off the bat the has been the bloodiest out of all film.  The movie wasn’t all just blood and guts; it was actually backed up with a pretty decent story line, which kept the audience captivated. I won’t spoil the story line or the twists by revealing anything here but if you have seen the previous Saw films you will know what to expect from this one.

 As with most films like this, the acting and production isn’t the greatest, but as one of Hollywood’s blockbusters they manage to continually do well. Despite its shortfalls, you will definitely be entertained; Saw 6 is a very good watch which you will definitely enjoy.

 Big ups to boss lady Maria T for hooking up the tickets to the advanced screening.


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