MUTEMATH – Armistice

MuteMath’s sophomore album, Armistice, was officially released last Tuesday .
MuteMath - ArmisticeThe thing I love about MuteMath is that they are built on solid musicians that can hold up on their own. You don’t see too many bands who have this. Each member is extremely talented and definitely bring added value to the table. I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a couple of years now, and I must say that I’ve been waiting for this drop for a while now. The album starts off with one of their latest singles, “Nerve” which is a lot different than there normal stuff, but still pretty decent. The album quickly progresses into something much better and amazing. The album is a good mix of fast and slow-paced songs, with their great musical arrangements and their deep lyrics that tend to balance each other out quite well.


Overall, I’m really satisfied with this release and cannot wait to go see them. They are definitely one of the best live acts that are around.
Here are my favorite tracks:  Pins and Needles, Goodbye, Lost Year, and Clockwork.

Here’s “Obsolete”, one of their older instrumentals that just made me fall in love with them.


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